Tips to Start Business in Moving and Relocation

Nowadays, there are a lot of businesses you can follow. One of the options is business in moving and relocating. It is a business in which you provide service for those who needs assistance in moving and relocating their items. The first thing you need to do to start this is by making a careful planning including the finance, crew, tools and equipment. Along with your plan, you have to make a research about this business from your competitors. You’ll need something to learn from them.

As the first step, you will need to make a draft for your business plan including your target market. As you know, market is the most important factor for your business. It is possible for you to focus on certain demographic area. Some other factors you have to include in your business draft are the information on the resources of the business, the equipment, and the service provided.

After finishing your business draft, you have to consider the source of your finance. There are some options of financial resources you can get such as from personal loans from business owner, from business loans from your friends and family, or from a commercial lender. With a sufficient financial support, you will be able to develop your business well.

The next thing you have to do is to determine the prices for the service your business provides. One of the factors that can possibly influence the cost of your service is the gas consumption. It influences much especially when you relocate to out of state. However, the price you offer should be competitive with your competitors. Therefore, you need to check the pricing standard from the local industry.

The fifth step you need to do is to find an office for your new company. A company will need a place to be employed for public inquiries by mail, telephone, or drop in. It will be the main place for running your business like maintaining business files and tools, meeting with clients, drafting, accounting, and some other duties dealing with your business.

Then, you need to purchase tools and equipment you will need for your moving and relocating business, such as moving trucks and their accessories including a ramp and a tie does. Some other tools include blankets, dollies, and pallets. They will be very useful for relocating the fragile items safely. Along with it, you will also need some office equipment including computer, printer, chair, and desk. Those items are handy to help you operate your business.

The last thing you need to do to find a professional and well-trained crew. You can hire them from general public. You can find a help from an employment agency to check the reference and important background of your prospective employees.

5 Important Tips On Starting Business In Catering

1) Before opening up a small business catering or food catering industry, you need to invest and handle your finances well. Financial plan is said to be one of the most vital elements in any types of business plan. You must focus on creating some forecasts of expenditures and revenue for a period of more than a year in your business in catering. It is not good to limit your financial plan in months. You may then guess when you can reach a break. You can also estimate how much you will possibly gain in the near future. Set out monthly cash flows that you think you can get and you can do it in a spreadsheet program in your computer. Some businesses do not grow fast since the owners did not expect their business in different scenarios. It is advisable that you anticipate several scenarios when planning your catering business. One scenario can be able to display your expected profit, another one can represent a more positive forecast and one can exhibit a bad case scenario.

2) The financial plan will be a guide not only on the investment you need to put in your catering business but the anticipated profit as well. It is expected that you secure some form of permit or license if you will be involving in the distribution or preparation of food that will be consumed and bought by the public. It is better to find and check all the regulations and rules that are laid down by the health personnel in your locality or country regarding catering business.

3) You will need to show that your area of cooking is clean and in proper order. Food storage systems, food preparation process and refrigeration systems will be inspected and must meet health standards in your locality. Of course restrooms are needed but they should be adjacent directly to the cooking and washing areas. There should be enough facilities for the staff and customers to wash their hands. All these things are necessary in starting a catering business. Your business establishment will also be subjected to occasional inspections to make sure that you are complying at all times with the rules and regulations of the health department. You do not want your business to be closed so make sure that you comply with the rules and regulations set out by your local health personalities.

4) Food establishment license must be secured so contact the health personnel in your locality and find out the process involved in securing such license. There might be other red tape that you need to go through like taking short classes in order to have certification in food handling and management. It is essential to know all the monetary costs you have to face in order to conform to the local rules regarding handling and serving food. The key starting costs are related to getting the right site with a good kitchen and the proper equipment.

5) When it comes to working area, a home kitchen can be the cheapest choice but is not frequently suitable. Acquiring a commercial kitchen is great especially if the events to cater to are big. Most people engaging in catering business rent commercial kitchen. However, if you want to use your own premises, you can lease the equipments first to start off with business. but if you have to money to buy them, then it is a worth considering option so that the equipments to be used in your business in catering will all be yours and can be accessible anytime.

5 Important Tips to Overcome Business Start Up Fears

ust a week ago, I met two of my college friends. It’s been (4) years since we’ve last seen each other, so we decided to have a cup of coffee to do some catching up.

We mostly talked about our life back in college, how the school culture has evolved, the people we were with, the education system our school had, and our careers. Apparently, when we got to talk about our careers, they were so shocked to know that I already have two businesses. They even got more shocked to learn that I have been investing in the stock market and still kept my day job. (If you knew me in college days, I bet you’d also be shocked.)

They were really intrigued with the fact that I already had two businesses and could even afford to to keep my full time job in one of the biggest companies in the Philippines. They asked me questions like – how I started, how big was my capital, how much do I earn, and many other questions. (I wanted to tell them to join our Truly Rich Club with Bo Sanchez and they will be able to start their own business as well.)

I had so much fun telling them my story, and even told them about my future business plans like acquiring real estate properties and renting it out to receive cash flow.

After telling them my story, I encouraged them to start their own business as well and ironically, both of them seemed to look like “squirrels trying to get back to their hole” to hide from people. The feeling in their eyes suddenly changes from excitement to sadness or worse – fear.

At one moment we were so happy talking about business and how it drastically grew my income, and eventually changed my life but when I asked them to do the same, all they could think about was the negative factors in starting a business. Both made excuses like I do not have the capital, I don’t know how to start, I’m not the business type of person, I do not have the time, I do not have the time and I do not have an idea what business to start.

It really saddens me to think that a lot of people really want a business of their own yet only a few even try to start. They complain about their income and how they are treated at their job, but they still work anyway.

In my case, I started dreaming about having a business of my own even when I was still very young. Hence, i unconsciously pursued that dream without even realizing it. Now, it wasn’t really that easy, I even failed tremendously. But as I tried more and more, I became better and better.

To help you with overcoming your business start up fears, here are (5) five tips and ideas that have greatly helped me in my business success:

Tip #1
Have A Strong Burning Desire – A Dream Life!

I put this as the number one tip because I believe that this will be the key to your business start up success. Having a strong dream will keep you going no matter how many times you will fail. Mr. Kiyosaki coins it very well when he said, “It is the WHY that is important in achieving financial abundance, not the HOW.” Know why you want a business, and the how will slowly unfold right in front of your eyes.

Tip #2
Stick To Your Guns

When I started doing business, I tried to do it all at once and never got a single result. I tried flipping foreclosed properties, opening a retail store, joining a networking business, started a logistics business, and on top of that I kept my full time job (yeah I know what you are thinking, I was crazy right.) My belief during that time was hitting a single bird with thousands of stones. I told myself, I want to succeed I must open many businesses at the same time.

Big mistake!

I ended up frustrated, emotionally drained and broke. Even worse, my friend who invested with me got all mad at me.

Now I learned my lesson. In starting a business, stick to your guns. In fact, just start with one gun first. Do not diversify and “reduce risk” (diversifying is only good when investing in the stock market). Focus your efforts in just one business first. Set-up a system to automate it and hire people and professionals to take care of it.

Based on my experience, it would often take at least two (2) to three (3) years to fully automate a business depending on your experience (learning curve) and the nature of your business.

Tip #3
Start Small Always

This inevitably reduces the fear you have inside you knowing that you are not using your entire savings to start a business. There are many ways to start small and I will discuss this also in my future posts. The important thing is, you do not loose food on your table, and be able to sleep at night knowing you still have enough to survive.

Tip #4
Learn To Sell And Market

No matter how great your business start up idea maybe, at the end of the day if nobody knew your product existed, getting sales will always be very difficult. Hey we all admit that apart from fulfilling our life mission to be successful businessmen (yes, I believe that is my life mission, I hope you too) we also want to earn money right? So how can your start up business be successful if you can’t sell a single cent from the services or products your start up business offers.

Remember this, sales and marketing will be the life blood of your business. So please be sure that your business start up has a strong sales and marketing system, that will back up your thriving business.

Tip #5
Get Yourself A Mentor

Yup, you heard it right. I had a mentor during all the times I was doing my trial and error in starting a business. Remember that in business, there is really no guarantee. The market is actually free and a lot of things could happen to your business.

Having a mentor on your side, gives you an advantage against your competitors since you are getting valuable advice from someone who has gone to the route that you are about to partake. Your business mentor will be short of a fortune teller of your future. Since he has gone to the process of failure, success, failure, success, failure and success again.

Now where to find those fabled mentors?

Actually finding a mentor is not as hard as it seems, they are actually everywhere. They can be your parents, your rich uncle, your quiet neighbor who owns hundreds of rental properties, or the old woman who goes to the same gym with you. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to get a mentor, you can trade services with him so that he will mentor you for free.

Ask him this question – “What is your biggest project right now that I can help you with? and of course you offer your services for free. With this effort alone, you gain his trust and his ideas on how he handles his business.

Let me end this business start up idea with the true definition of FEAR. It actually means:

F – False
E – Expectations
A – Appearing
R – Real

So when you come up with a very good business start up idea, remember that your fears are just false expectations that appear real but in real life it does not exist until you have done it. Instead of feeling fear, think of your dreams and take action, action, action, action…. until you meet success.